Learn to Build Alexa Skills & Converse with Machines – Udemy Course in $9.99

I am incredibly excited to launch a course on Udemy related to building Alexa Custom Skills and utilise your Amazon Echo or related devices in a much more powerful way.

Learn Alexa Custom Skills by building your Rad Personal Assistant

The course is available at https://www.udemy.com/build-your-rad-personal-assistant-with-amazon-alexa-custom-skills/?couponCode=ALEXA_9.99USD

Get it for $9.99 ONLY. Use Coupon Code ALEXA_9.99USD

There is a shift happening in the way we as a species communicate with machines. With the advent of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana, the focus on Voice User Interfaces or Voice Activated Conversational Interfaces is rapidly increasing.

This ever-changing world presents a threat to the way we operate, especially when we do not understand it. A more AI aware world might be years away, but if we learn how to talk to and control the machines then we grow collectively.

The real goal of this course is to get you competent enough to understand the complexities that go behind designing and creating the voice user interfaces so that you can immediately assess how different pieces of the puzzle fit together.

However, no matter how much of the fundamental knowledge you have, if you are unable to put it to practice, then usually it is of no real value. This course on building a personal assistant using Alexa Custom Skills is just one of the techniques, and you will learn very soon that you can design a variety of interfaces through the knowledge that you gain.

By using Amazon Alexa, and building a Voice Activated Personal Assistant, you will gain the following:

  1. Understand what is Amazon Alexa and its ecosystem
  2. What are Voice Interaction Models, and how they can help you build a better and reliable voice interface
  3. Know the technologies that work behind a voice-activated interface
  4. Use Amazon Services such as Lambda, S3, CloudWatch, & IAM and how they interact with each other
  5. Deconstruct an Alexa Skill, and get clarity on what are Intents, Slots, and Utterances
  6. Develop with Node.js and Alexa Skills Kit SDK to build a personal assistant that responds to your queries
  7. Connect with Third Party APIs and process information, use asynchronous requests and callbacks
  8. Maintain data persistence within an Active Alexa Session
  9. Introduce errors, and Test Alexa Skills through 4 different modes including simulators and physical devices
  10. Leverage the Amazon Web Services to build a Consistently Reliable Architecture

Enroll Now, and begin to shape the brand new voice-activated world!

Following is the link. Use Coupon Code DISCOUNTBLOG to get 20% OFF on the list price.




One thought on “Learn to Build Alexa Skills & Converse with Machines – Udemy Course in $9.99

  1. Hi Vivek,

    I follow all this course and it’s very very great ! I try to go through the next level with “smart home skill” (for integrating my smart home system with vocal commands) and I would like to know if you are competent in developing this kind of skill ?
    It works for on and off (command for connected bulb). But, with the StateReport return, the alexa app keeps showing “the devis is not responding”…. I return the correct syntax (I watch it in the logs of Amazon CloudWatch), but the app don’t show the real state. The state (and so, the icon) is ok (not error message) when I use the on and off event. But, when the app tried to get the state, the error message appears whereas the return meets the need the amazon online help asks.

    I don’t know if you are able to help me. But I don’t find any help on the web…

    NB : Sorry for my broken english, I’m french. And so, I use french alexa app…


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