Board800 – My first Flex and Red5 Application

A few months back I was not even aware that it was now possible to do Adobe Flex development on Linux. Adobe has made the Flex SDK freely available, and Red5 is the media server which can easily integrate with a Flex application.

The possibilities are endless, and I personally feel that this is the way future applications would be developed. What I thought Java Web Start could have achieved (had it been a bit faster and the plugin etc. didn’t involve huge download and cumbersome installation), now I see that in Adobe Flex.

Regardless, I spent last few months working on a Flex application, and it has now culminated into what I’ve named as Board800 ( It is an interactive multi-user whiteboard application, on the lines of Dabbleboard, though much simpler. You can use it to collaborate with other users, and also *purchase* it if you wish to deploy it on your own servers. Go check it out now!