Howto – Fujitsu U1010 (U810) UMPC and Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Hardy Heron

Update: 10 March 2011 – For newer Ubuntu versions (10.04 Lucid), instead of reading this howto, I think you can straight away head to – from kathleenhenri. I’ve yet to try it on my box, but looks like it’d definitely work.

Few weeks back (September 2008) I purchased a Fujitsu U1010 (U810 in US market). It ran Windows Vista. Though I have been using Ubuntu for all my computing needs, I thought let the UMPC run Windows much like my Nokia runs Symbian. However, in a matter of few days I got fedup with Vista and decided to install Ubuntu 8.04 – there were challenges, and fortunately with the help of some good souls on internet, I overcame majority of them. Now the UMPC is running full-time Ubuntu Linux.


The steps mentioned below may not be suitable from security point of view. Please use them at your own discretion. I take no responsibility for anything done to your machine by following the instructions below.

Tasks covered

  1. Installation of Operating System
  2. Touchscreen Configuration using evtouch – Not perfect though
  3. Switching On/Off of Keyboard Lights/LEDs/Headlights
  4. Rotating the screen
  5. Associating the keys / , // , and Screen Rotate on the panel with their desired functions, that is, switching on keyboard lights, running handwriting recognition application and rotating the screen.
  6. Using the Webcam – still painful
  7. Putting the system into suspend and recovering from it successfully.

Much Thanks to

  1. Julian Brown – Without him, the most important feature for me, the Keyboard lights, would not have worked.
  2. Nathan Eckenrode (n8k99) and LordOfThePigs – For touchscreen configuration and a shell script for screen rotation
  3. zmiq2 – For an excellent tip on Suspend and Resume.

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