Storage Nirvana – Unlimited Storage using LVM, iSCSI and AoE

UPDATE: I don’t recommend this. See comment #4 – all you do is at your own risk.

If you want to have unlimited space like what is doing with gmail, then here’s what you need to do. I used Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and Gutsy Gibbon to test out the solution.

  1. Setup and understand the usage of a LVM
  2. Setup iSCSI or AoE for network devices so that network storage can be used easily
  3. Setup RAID so that redundancy can be provided to LVM Physical Volumes

Important: Following steps may corrupt your data or partitions. Use them at your own risk. Also, I have listed down the steps as I went ahead doing them. They may not be accurate in your environment or all scenarios may not be covered. I would recommend going through the entire article before attempting anything.


  1. You are comfortable using Linux and fdisk
  2. You have backed up your data so that in case something goes wrong, nothing is lost
  3. You can connect to network and have access to more than 1 Linux machine to do the testing

This article is not complete and does not include the iSCSI and AoE related information as of now. I am working on it and will update it soon. However, you may continue on this page and learn about the LVM 🙂

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